Jamie is FREE

And we’ve had an amazing couple of weeks catching up with loved ones and moving our project forward!! Jamie was able to go back to San Francisco to acquire her medication. She is now back in Las Vegas to begin the process of her interstate compact, which will ultimately get her back to Cali. In the meantime, we are committed to keeping our home and project going!

We met with the Nevada Department of Corrections yesterday and we are WORKING TOGETHER to keep After Orange: Halfway Home going. Partnering with the local and state government is a key solution to transforming the prison culture in our country and we are SO EXCITED to partner with the state and create solutions together!! It will still take time to submit contracts and take the next steps to get funding for our home…that’s where you come in!! If you’ve thought about sharing or contributing to our campaign, now is the time!! We are so close to being self sufficient and any help we get right now will help us stay afloat until we can solidify this partnership. Please help spread the word and keep After Orange: Halfway Home alive and thriving!! THANK YOU for all of your support!! We couldn’t do this without you!!



Author: After Orange

After Orange is a non-profit organization committed to providing guidance and support for women who want to change their lives after being released from the correctional system. Our long term goal is to discover and implement more effective methods of rehabilitation in the correctional system and to help influence change in the judicial system.

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